Past Performances

Prime Controls has been involved in automation, electrical distribution and water treatment projects since 1991.

Puerto Nuevo Main Booster Pump Station, AAA
Supply and Install EGU EB Booster Puerto Nuevo, AAA (1.5MW, 4160V)

Design, supply and installation of a 1.5MW, 4160V generator, ATS and primary line feeder. Work includes civil and electrical design and construction.

Caguas Waste Water Treatment Plant Expansion
Expantion to the Caguas Regional WWTP

Provide a new electrical feeder and MCC for the six new Influent Pumps at the Influent Pump Station electrical room, consisting of two sets of 3 # 750MCM & 1#4/0 RHH conductor from switchgear to new power panel for 1200’

Ponce Waste Water Treatment Plant, AAA
Ponce Waste Water Treatment Plant, AAA

Supply and installation of 1250KW generator and transfer switch at effluent pumps station.

Metropolitan Detention Center Guaynabo, Federal Bureau of Prisons
Metropolitan Detention Center Guaynabo, Control Center Upgrade, Federal Bureau of Prisons

Metropolitan Detention Center Guaynabo, Control Center Upgrade for all facility including CCTV, UPS and Programable Logic Controllers for security. Work done on line.

Water Filtration Plant North and Metro Region, AAA
Water Filtration Plant Automation Equipment Installation North and Metro Region

Water Filtration Plant North and Metro Region, including supply and installation of Turbidity, PH, and Chlorine Analyzers, Flow, Pressure and Level Meters, Chlorine Control Valves and dossing equipment’s, Control Panels and RIO, Wonderware Work Station, Transformers, Distribution Panels and CCTV for (6) Water Filter plants.

San Lorenzo WWTP
Elimination of the existing San Lorenzo WWTP by sanitary trunk sewer discharge in Caguas Regional WWTP, AAA

Project consist of (2) Main Pump Station, complete electrical work including: supply and install 500KVA substation, 300KW generator, 150KVA Substation, 125KW generator, Motor Control Center, Control Panels and Lighting.

Cayey Water Treatment Plant, AAA
Design and build for the improvements to the Main PS of the Cayey Wastewater Treatment Plant, Cidra, AAA

Provide and install in existing MCC, (4) 350HP Variable Frequency Drives, control logic, instruments and installation of mechanical equipment in main lift station line.

Carolina Regional Waste Water Treatment Plant, AAA
Improvements to Carolina Regional Waste Water Treatment Plant, AAA

Supply and installation of a Central Control and Automation System including Radio Control, Scada Workstations and Motor Control Centers and Control Panels at Carolina Regional Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Vega Baja Water Treatment Plant, AAA
Vega Baja Water Treatment Plant LT2 Compliance Improvements, AAA

Rehabilitation and complete electrical work including new Motor Control Centers for Filter Plant and Raw Water, Control Panels, Radio Control, Instrumentation, ATS and Generator, Power and Distribution. Work done with plant running.

Plants Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of various Puerto Rico Aqueducts and Sewer Authority (AAA) Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP), Water Filtration Plants (WTP) and Pump Stations as part of the emergency Recovery Contractors after the Hurricane Maria.

PAS Vieques, AAA
Rehabilitación PAS Vieques, Huracán María

Complete plant rehabilitation including mechanical, electrical and civil work.

East and North Region AAA
Installation of Emergency Generators East - North Region
Design and build including: civil, electrical and mechanical infraestructure to install (35) generators in east and north region.